Summer has been a lot of fun but as we all know, sometimes it can go by quickly. Being away from the classroom and the ice means that kids have extra time to spend outside, with friends and sleeping late. But just like that, the back to school ads start coming across our screens and the new school year is just around the corner. That also means that a new hockey season is starting sooner than later and it can be time to start planning on getting the family back into a regular groove. How can parents help their kids get back into a routine?


Every family runs on different timing and schedules but planning ahead can be the best way to stay prepared. Mark all of your child’s hockey games on the calendar as soon as you get the schedule for the season and try to avoid any conflicts. Remember, kids need proper rest before and after games to perform at their best on the ice and in school.

This can also be broken down into a daily routine. Make sure kids have enough time to do their homework and household chores. Get involved with other extracurricular activities to promote an active social and physical life.


Different experiences over the summer break can teach children new life skills and bring new perspectives. Try and start this year off with a clean slate for school and coaches. There could be a handful of new teammates to get comfortable with as well. Let your child get used to their new hockey situation before rushing to intervene. They have grown both physically and mentally over these last few weeks.


Planning meals throughout the week can save time and reduce food waste. Children need enough energy to focus in the classroom and to play well on the ice. There are many options of quick, portable meals to try and of course, always opt for the healthier version when possible.


Sleep is extremely important for a child’s heath and growth. It promotes alertness, memory and performance. It is important for parents to establish good sleeping habits early. Children feel comfortable in a routine and they will enjoy the added responsibility.


With more of our lives being dependent on screens it can be tough to limit the amount of time we spend in front of them. Try to install daily or weekly screen limits and guidelines for what children can watch or the video games they play. Children should be viewing age-appropriate media to create positive behaviours. Balance screen time with books and other activities.


Remember that there is life outside of hockey. Use breaks in the schedule to your advantage. While the summer was a great time to play other sports and learn new skills, it was also a break from being at the rink. Children should always look forward to going to practice and their games and the best way to avoid burnout is to make sure they have other options than hockey every single day.

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